About Ximbo

Ximbo is at the forefront of Hong Kong cloud services specializing in business-class hosting solutions for SME and enterprises. Cloud computing is widely acknowledged as the leading IT trend delivers scalable and highly available solutions to end users by its secure and reliable unique redundant infrastructure. Ximbo is thriving to build the cutting-edge cloud infrastructure and provide a promising hosting environment accessible for any business. Ximbo continuous to move forward to develop the best-in-line Cloud solutions for our partnered clients by integrating the latest technology with dedicated support team.

Our Services

Ximbo introduces automated control panel on Cloud infrastructure to the Hong Kong market. It allows end users to enjoy the efficiency of self-help practice based on our exclusive automated control platform to cut-down service lead time from administrative procedure. Cloud service benefits from automation to achieve rapidity and scalability, which able to respond to changing conditions by moving virtual machines quickly and by spinning up additional virtual machines to manage changing demands. This means additional capacity comes available within just a few minutes without any manual interaction.

Besides the technology advancement, Ximbo is dedicated to an ultimate customer experience with 100% UPTIME and 24/7 around-the-clock professional technical support. Migration consultation is complimentary to help prospective clients join the Ximbo Cloud painless with completed preparation. Joining Ximbo Cloud is quick and easy, it's time to power your business by Ximbo Cloud infrastructure and responsive servicing practice.

Our Engineers

Ximbo professional sense of the market makes us a leader on the cloud technology hosting provider, we also have a variety of professional recognition and certification partners will continue to be our strongest support.

Ximbo awarded the following professional accreditation and certification partner from below enterprises and organizations.

We have a team of certified and experienced professionals with below recognitions.

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