SSD Cloud Center

Cloud Center has all the amazing features in Cloud Machines, plus the flexibility to create multiple Cloud Machines with available resources under your account for multi-tier server architecture with replication.
Allocate each cloud servers with dedicated vCPU, RAM memory and Disk Size to build the most desirable virtual server network architecture to run your project in just a few clicks away. Flexibly adjust the number of Cloud Machines, assign and release vCPU, RAM, disk size and IP address across multiple Cloud Machines to utilize resource and expense on growing demands.

SSD Cloud Center starting at $128 / Month
Instant deployment with online payment by PayPal/credit cards.
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Setup Multiple Virtual Machines in Minutes

Open the possibility in implementing multi-tier server architecture and redundancy by replication for small businesses and seasonal projects.

Scalable Resources to Rapidly Meet with Increasing Performance Demands

Scale up and down individual resource or a combination of resources to utilize processing demand in IT development.

Flexibly Allocate vCPU, RAM, Disk Size to Create Customized Server Groups

Manage a single or multiple virtual machines with flexible resource configuration from the resource pool of vCPU cores, RAM, Disk Size and IP Addresses.

Server Image Backup Value-added Service

Create one image backup on individual virtual machines to secure server configuration, system setting and data.

Building your SSD Cloud Center

Cloud Center
Base Package

$128 /Month
1-Month Prepayment
$145 / Month
6-Month Prepayment
$138 / Month
12-Month Prepayment
$128 / Month
Setup Fee
Instant Deployment
Automated Control Panel
Dedicated vCPU
2 Cores
Dedicated Memory (RAM)
2 GB
SSD Disk Size
40 GB
IP Addresses
Network Port
100 Mb
Monthly Traffic

Monthly Fee for Additional Resources

Network Uplink

Choose Supported Operating System (OS)

  • free
    + $98 / Month
  • free
    + $98 / Month
  • free
1-Month Prepayment
6-Month Prepayment
12-Month Prepayment
Order Now Order Now Order Now
Base Package Monthly Fee: $ 145 138 128
Estimated Additional Resources Monthly Fee:$ 0.00 0.00 0.00
Estimated Network Uplink Monthly Fee:$ 0.00 0.00 0.00
Estimated Operating System Monthly Fee:$ 0.00 0.00 0.00
Total Estimated Monthly Fee:$ 0.00 0.00 0.00

* Discount does not apply on OS & Database license.

* Guarantee up to 5Mbps Mainland China and 10Mbps international network speed.