SSD Cloud Center

Cloud Center has all the amazing features in Cloud Machines, plus the flexibility to create multiple Cloud Machines with available resources under your account for multi-tier server architecture with replication.
Allocate each cloud servers with dedicated vCPU, RAM memory and Disk Size to build the most desirable virtual server network architecture to run your project in just a few clicks away. Flexibly adjust the number of Cloud Machines, assign and release vCPU, RAM, disk size and IP address across multiple Cloud Machines to utilize resource and expense on growing demands.

SSD Cloud Center starting at $128 / Month

Building your SSD Cloud Center

Cloud Center
Base Package

1-Month Prepayment
$145 / Month
5% OFF
6-Month Prepayment
$138 / Month
10% OFF
12-Month Prepayment
$128 / Month
Setup Fee
Instant Deployment
Automated Control Panel
Dedicated vCPU
2 Cores
Dedicated Memory (RAM)
2 GB
SSD Disk Size
40 GB
IP Addresses
100 M
Monthly Traffic
SSD Cloud Center (Standard Network)
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SSD Cloud Center (Mainland Express Network)
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* Discount does not apply on operating system, control panel and database license.

Detail Additional Resources Fee

Control Panel Upgrade Fee
cPanel Control Panel $100 / Month
Plesk 12 Web Host (Unlimited Domain License)

Unlimited domain hosting

$120 / Month
Operating Systems Upgrade Fee
CentOS 6/7 Free
Ubuntu 12/14/15 Free
Debian 7/8 Free
Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard

Each license is valid for one Cloud Machine only

$98 / License / Month
Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard

Each license is valid for one Cloud Machine only

$98 / License / Month
Resources Upgrade Fee
Additional vCPU Processor

Each Cloud Machine is required to have a minimum of 1 CPU core

$50 / Core
Additional Memory (RAM)

Each Cloud Machine is recommended to have a minimum of 1GB RAM

$51.20 / 1GB
Additional SSD Disk Size

Disk storage can be purchased at 50GB per unit

$20 / 10GB / Month
Backup Disk Size

Limited to 1 Backup Copy

$25 / 50GB / Month
Bandwidth 2Gbps Hong Kong Local Bandwidth + 2Gbps China & Int'l Bandwidth

Total incoming and outgoing traffic on both public and private IP

Additional IP Address $50 / IP
Database Upgrade Fee
SQL Server 2014 Web Edition $250 / License / Month
SQL Server 2012 R2 Web Edition $250 / License / Month
Cloud Control Panel Features
Built-in Firewall
HTTP Load Balancer $70 / Month
Technical Support
24 x 7 x 365 Technical Support Service 24 x 7 x 365 Email Support

Office Hour Technical Hotline Support
Office Hours: 9AM - 7PM (Mondays - Fridays, except Public Holidays)

Technical support covers hardware, network, Cloud Control Panel, Plesk Panel and cPanel.
Professional Technical Support Service $500 / Hour